Job Rejection

How To Handle Job Rejection

When you’ve put the effort into adapting your CV, attending an interview or even a series of interviews – to then not get the job is disheartening. However, it can also be a great method of learning. Read our tips to turn job rejection into something more positive!

Grow Your Network

How To Grow Your Network

Your business can benefit from you establishing a strong professional network. A growing network can provide your business with professional feedback, possible partnerships, and a talent pool that you can rely on.

We have detailed below some tips on how to grow your network.

Euros 2021

Employers’ guide to the Euros: Five goals for your workplace

The delayed UEFA football European championships – Euro 2020 – starts on Friday 11 June 2021, with 51 football matches being played over the course of one month. Employers should plan ahead to make the most of the positive impact that the Euros can have on staff mental health and morale. However, employers also need to take steps to minimise disruption, particularly as a number of football games take place during normal office hours and in the early evening.

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Recruitments Top 10 Trends for 2021

 Last year was an incredibly challenging year for all and not withstanding those in the HR & Recruitment Industry. However with some promising relaxation of restrictions from the UK Government and some hope and positivity we can detect green shoots starting to appear. So, with improvements in the economy, there is hope that 2021 will bring the fresh start we have all been looking for. To get ahead of the game, we thought it would be worth sharing our top 10 recruitment trends for 2021.

What shouldn’t you include in your CV?

Its getting a little confusing to say the least about what you should or should not put in your Curriculum Vitae and with competition for top roles increasing, even the tiniest mistake could be enough to make or break your application.

 So our blog this week is to inform and educate you so you can avoid getting into any bad habits, here are a few things you should not do with your CV: