At Westcountry Jobs, we’ll keep you connected to top talent across Devon, Somerset and Cornwall, whenever and wherever you need it.

We’ll help you find qualified employees in your industry and make sure they are the perfect fit for your company. We work hard to match 

your company with the right talent, allowing you more time to focus on the other critical aspects of running your business.

Consultants you can trust

Our Consultants have extensive recruitment experience in their chosen fields and are firmly embedded within the local talent pools and networks.

So, we are always in the position to provide sound advice and guidance around your next hire.

So if you are looking for your next HR, Sales, Professional Services or Office hire, let us know what level of Recruitment Service your company needs and our expert consultants will take care of the rest, and take away any stress!

Work with the best

At Westcountry Jobs, we pride ourselves in providing a first-class, personal recruitment solution tailor-made to you and your business.

Our objective is simple; To find you the best candidate. To do this, we need to understand your business, your objectives, your recruitment needs, and the type of candidate that you’re looking for.

We are not like your usual High Street Recruitment Agency. We don’t charge you high percentage placement fees – our recruitment packages start at an affordable £395.00 and can be tailored to fit your company’s unique needs.

Only pay for what you need

We offer four standard packages that we have found to cover most companies recruitment needs. Our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages are carefully crafted to fit companies of all sizes, from small companies making their first hire to large organisations making multiple hires per year.

Should you need a bit more, don’t worry – we also provide additional recruitment services which can be added to all our standard packages to create a truly flexible recruitment solution. These services include; conducting the interviews on your behalf, producing employment contracts, and working with you on employee induction and onboarding.

If you make multiple new hires a year, we also offer a monthly retainer service, providing you with cost-effective recruitment services when you need it.

Want to find out more...

If you would like to know more about our recruitment packages or our monthly retainer service, get in touch, and we can arrange a no-obligation virtual meeting (at this time) to discuss your recruitment needs.